Nuna CC April update

Gday Nuna boys,

Season planning for 2013-14 is already well underway and i hope you have all now heard our coaching announcements. Please check the website for details but we now have a Level 3 (elite coaching) senior coach named Roger Young and an Assistant Coach/Practice Captain named Ken Hanna. Roger and Ken will be running a meet-the-coaches session in May that you will hear more details of soon. The bottom line is that there will be significant changes to the way we approach practice and game-day as a club that will result in all teams participating in the program moving up the ladder and playing finals.

In parallel to this on-field development, we are planning off-field initiatives that will help run the club and support players, guests and families but we need help to implement these please. I would like to ask for volunteers to either run or participate in the following:

1. Catering on Thursdays and Saturdays. The aim here is to ensure a meal is available after practice on Thursdays and games on Saturdays. In the absence of a volunteer team to look after this, each cricket team will be rostered on to deliver the service. If you can help in any way with this, please let me know.

2. Setting up the social rooms properly. This season, the rooms will be decorated with appropriate Nuna memorabilia such as premiership flags, team photos, junior photos etc. We need someone to co-ordinate this effort, particularly to get all the pictures etc framed and ready to go when we take over the rooms. When we take over, the team will them mount the pictures etc and get the rooms looking like the home of a proud and successful cricket club. Please let me know if you can help in any way here.

3. Upgrading the social rooms. The plan is to upgrade the bar tables and stools, uplift/modernise behind the bar and put more appropriate window dressing on the main windows, facing Bob Saker Oval and the balcony. We need someone with a creative flair to take on this project and come up with ideas and a cost estimate to complete these upgrades.

4. Line marking. We would like to mark the middle and bottom ground boundaries and would like a volunteer to mark lines and keep them well visible over the season. The line marker would also keep the nets and pitch lines well marked.

5. Meat Raffle. The meat raffle is a consistent revenue raiser for the club as well as a great prize to win on match days. We need someone to collect the meat tray from Denches every Saturday morning and place in the fridge at Nuna.

6. Website/social media management. The club has an active website, facebook pages and a twitter account. We need a team responsible for placing news updates, social function details, rumours, gossip and other fun stuff etc. The idea is to have a mix of formal communication, schedule/game/selection updates and social news, player profiles, gossip etc.

These are all important initiatives that, if properly executed, will help promote the club both internally and externally as well as provide a great off-field environment for the Nuna CC community.

If you are able to help with any of these matters or in any other way, can you please contact me as per below.

Yours in Cricket,

Dave Cowell
m: 0438 569822


About Nunawading CC Seniors

Local senior and junior cricket club in Melbourne's eastern suburbs providing cricket development opportunities for boys and girls from 4-18 and for senior players of all skill levels. Home ground is in Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill. Website is
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