Meet the Coaches Night, Player Assimilation evening, invitation to all Nuna players past, present and future

Message from Senior Coach, Roger Young and Assistant Coach Ken Hanna:

Dear Nunawading CC players,

We have been recently appointed as the Senior coaches and as a result have been charged with several goals at Nunawading. One of those goals is to provide a cultural change towards our training efforts with the firm view that this will have a positive effect on the game day results, missing in recent times.

We therefore ask you as a player either with or without aspirations to play at the highest level in the club to consider the following commitments in order to meet that goal.

For the information of all prospective 1st & 2nd XI players there will be certain mandatory requirements required of you to pre-qualify for selection and at this point in time no one is pigeon holed for any particular selected team. YOU WILL NEED TO QUALIFY !

Your first qualification requirement is to attend a

Mandatory Assimilation Presentation Night

at the Nunawading CC Social Rooms on

Wednesday May 15th at 7:00pm

Your presence is required and expected, and any absentees will be considered as dis-interested players and appropriate actions will prevail thereafter or in other words you will not be considered as a prospect.

Players who are comfortable in the lower grades but would like to improve as cricketers and train and play for success are also invited to be part of this program.

Assistant Coach Hanna and senior Coach Young will be presenting an outline on the season expectations and how we will be going about applying our principle of play which will be known as “LIMITATION CRICKET” and you will learn about “PRESSURE TRAINING”. This practice and game style will be adopted in the First and Second XI and, if the players in lower grades embrace the program, by lower grades as well.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and speak with coaching staff about the season and where you fit in to the plan and how the system works.

There is no doubt that there will be several significant changes to the way we go about our cricket training and it is extremely important that you are present to see and hear first hand of those changes, we understand that this may not be to the liking of everyone but that is a price we are prepared to pay, there may be casualties! But that is the way it is. These methods are proven and capable and so are you, and these changes have started already.

We would appreciate it if you would take the time to confirm your attendance by texting your confirmation, please leave your name and confirmation by calling 0407 342 216 and remember that this is your first test of discipline and commitment……. please leave a good impression by completing this task and then secondly be present at the Assimilation Night with a show of strength adorned in your Nunawading colours.

Yours in Cricket

Coach Young & Coach Hanna


About Nunawading CC Seniors

Local senior and junior cricket club in Melbourne's eastern suburbs providing cricket development opportunities for boys and girls from 4-18 and for senior players of all skill levels. Home ground is in Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill. Website is
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