Senior selection 20-27 Feb

First XI Second XI Third XI Fourth XI Fifth XI
vs Vermont South vs East Box Hill vs Laburnam vs Heatherdale vs Mitcham
Wilson Shield B Grade C Grade F Grade G Grade
20 – 27 Feb 20 – 27 Feb 20 – 27 Feb 20 – 27 Feb 20 – 27 Feb
1.00 PM 1.00 PM 1.00 PM 1.30 PM 1.30 PM
Livingstone Prim. Mahoneys #3 Mahoneys #2 Simpsons Res Ballyshannessy Nth
Hanover Road . . Cochrane St Highbury Road
Vermont South . . Mitcham East Burwood
Lamont (Capt) Harrison (Capt) Rosemeyer (Capt) Cowell D (Capt) Jessup P (Capt)
Mendis B Roy Allen Scully Jessup L
Mayura B Millar Lord P Jones Lefebure JP
Dunlop Morilly Clark D Griffiths West M
Thanney James Woolley Mitchell West P
Upton Jellett Basnayake D Talekar West J
Gehan Siebel Walker P Day T Gant A
Ranaweera O’Neill Munukutla Mackie McGuire C
Udara Tharindu Wharton M Clark M McGuire F
Sahan Larkins Voellner CMAC Grams
Batchelor Croft Beer T Lord A Nash R
Jay Fuller

About David Cowell

IT Infrastructure consultant and Data Centre practitioner/program manager. Passionate cricketer and family man
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