BHRDCA announcement re player behaviour

To all Clubs,
Through the first 5 rounds of Cricket this season there has been a marked increase in the number of reports from umpires, incidents reported by clubs and complaints made to the Association about general player and spectator behaviour. The types of incidents reported have varied from Racial, Social media, Physical contact, Damage to property, Abuse, Swearing and Disputing decisions, with one element being a constant amongst all; Anti-Social Behaviour.
As of now all clubs are formally on notice in regard to Poor Player & Spectator Behaviour. The BHRDCA does not condone this type of behaviour and it will not tolerate it. As an Association we (the players & spectators) are setting an appalling example to our kids that play this great game every weekend. From Round 6 onwards (this weekend) there will be a zero tolerance approach to new incidents of poor behaviour.
The Umpires Association will be instructed tomorrow evening to take a hard line stance to any on-field incidents and report players and/or spectators where warranted rather than providing them 2 or 3 opportunities to curb their behaviour during the game. Please be aware that umpires are Not Required to advise the player and/or captain of their intent to report; this is a change that was made at the beginning of last season with the introduction of the Set Penalty Table. The Committee of Management will fully support any reports made by umpires and will act swiftly to punish perpetrators.
For games where an umpire is not appointed, clubs are well within their rights and encouraged to report incidents using the (GCIR) form. Reports via a GCIR need to be completed by a club official and will be treated with the same respect and due process as a report made by an umpire. Last season 4 players were suspended as a result of a report/complaint lodged by clubs.
The BHRDCA has made great strides in a number of areas over the past few seasons, sadly this season general behaviour is one area that our clubs, as our partners have let us down. As custodians of the game it is the responsibility of our leaders to make a stand against Anti-Social Behaviour. That stand starts now.
Rod Bird
Vice President


About Nunawading CC Seniors

Local senior and junior cricket club in Melbourne's eastern suburbs providing cricket development opportunities for boys and girls from 4-18 and for senior players of all skill levels. Home ground is in Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill. Website is
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