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Nuna still leads the way in total Premierships

We have recently updated a table we have that contains premiers in all grades since the inception of the BHRDCA in 1902-03. Despite not joining until 1927-28 and not winning our first flag until 1948-49, Nuna leads the way (just) in total premierships won. This is also despite a very lean last 20 years. Just imagine how strong the club was back in the period from the late 50’s till late 80’s when most of the premierships were won.  

Total BHRDCA Premierships won









See the Stats page for full details.


The Club offers its sincere condolences to past player Dean and wife Jacinta McBlane on the sad loss of Dean’s father Ray, also a past player, who passed away on May 16 after a long illness.

Ray played at Nunawading from 1972 to 1980 after a distinguished career at Richmond Methodists (alongside club luminaries Kevin Steele and Alan Jackson). He took 82 wickets at an average of 13.63 over 42 matches and his highest score with the bat was 87. His funeral was a lovely country ceremony in his home town of Numerkah and the club wishes Ray’s wife Dawn, Dean and his brother Darren our sympathies and best wishes.


Congratulations to Annalisa and Chris Castellucci on the safe arrival of their son Jesse in May. Well done and hope to see you back this season Casta.

Games Recognition

The Club recognises the fabulous efforts by Rod Jones and Rob Legg who notched up their 300th gamed for Nuna (Rob at the end of last season and Rod the season before..he didnt play last season due to shoulder surgery).

Rod Jones:

Rod has played at Nuna since 1980-81 and is the first player in over 20 years to reach the 300 games milestone. He has scored around 5,000 runs and would have played many of those matches with Leggy.

Rob Legg:

As Rob noted, when he was awarded a recognition certificate at the Presentation Night, he was born at Nuna with his father, Life Member Merv Legg, having played 294 games as well. Well done Rob and we hope to see you play many more games yet.


About Nunawading CC Seniors

Local senior and junior cricket club in Melbourne's eastern suburbs providing cricket development opportunities for boys and girls from 4-18 and for senior players of all skill levels. Home ground is in Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill. Website is
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  2. nunawadingcc says:

    duty now for the future spud.

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